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Human Growth Hormone Side Effects – Dangerous Side effects of HGH

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What is Human Growth Hormone or HGH?

HGH or Hormone growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Pituitary gland is located inside the brain just behind the eye balls and is responsible for mental and physical growth and development in a human being. It is this HGH in the pituitary gland that causes a person growing taller or stronger. Find more on genf20-plus.com.

Human growth hormone or HGH releasing products have been rapidly gaining popularity with scores of people reporting spectacular results for anti-aging. But are these for real and what are the side effects to be contended with. Lets find out. But before that lets find out what really HGH is and what are its advantages.

  • Human growth hormone can be administered in two ways

H uman growth hormone injections that introduces the hormones directly into the blood. • Human growth hormone supplements that push it through gradually. These have no side effects. To have a look at these supplements visit genf20 plus on web site.

• Increases protein synthesis

• Helps maintaining the function of pancreatic islets

Functions of the naturally occurring Human Growth Hormone :

Increase and strengthens bone mineralization

• Increases calcium retention

• Stimulates growth of human organs

• Increases muscle mass via sarcomere hyperplasia

The Only HGH with no side effects – HGH supplements:

• HGH injections

are generally safe when given to patients suffering from HGH deficiency and even then is to be given under medical supervision. Human growth hormone is not the only factor influencing human aging, read more on buygenfx.com. So please be advised that excess HGH will do no good and can be counterproductive with some very dangerous side effects.

• Acromegaly

is a common side effect that results due to excess use of HGH injections. This causes excess bone growth and prominently affects face and limbs. This has been noticed in athletes who resort to performance enhancing HGH and the symtoms include protruding eyebrow and jaw apart from extension of the limbs coupled with increased hair growth all over the body. In many cases this can lead to a shortened lifespan.

• Regular use of HGH can

also lead to joint pain, joint swelling and carpel tunnel syndrome. In case of excess HGH, the risk of contracting diabetes is considerably higher and the patient could also suffer from sleep loss.

• Low blood sugar with risk of going into a diabetic coma

• Increased water retention

• Increased hair growth throughout the body

HGH injections must be avoided as much as possible. You could consider HGH supplements that are known to be free from side effects but their effects seem to be more gradual and less radical. For more information on HGH supplements click here

Effects of HGH – Clinical Case Study

The following case study is taken from the European Journal of Endocrinology which is backed by the European Federation of Endocrine Societies. This is a proven testified real life study without any distorted claims. The patients chosen for this study had low levels of naturally occurring growth hormones.


Objective: To study the effect of synthetically administered HGH on the metabolism and body composition when patients are subjected to a fixed low dose of synthetic HGH (0.2mg per day).

Duration of study: 12 months

Study Subjects: Open label study involving 18 HGH deficient patients(7 men and 11 women aged between 20 and 60).

Method of Analysis: Dual energy Xray absorptiometry was used to study the effect on body composition after the 12 month period.

Observation: An increase in lean body mass or LBM was noticed(1.27+/-2.08kg) along with a reduction in TBF(Total Body Fat)(-1.74+/-2.87%). The truncal fat index did not show any significant statistical difference but a decrease ranging from 0.7 to 2kg was observed in over 70% of the patients. Bone mineral density increased at the femur and lumbar spine areas. Levels of LDL cholesterol were unanimously lower. The patients also showed reduction in insulin resistance followed by an increase in the production of the same.

Conclusion: Controlled low dose administration of synthetic HGH in growth hormone deficient patients resulted in overall positive development like reduced body fat, decreased cholesterol levels, increased BMD and LBM and an elevated insulin production.

HGH Side Effects – Expert Opinion

Effects and Side Effects of HGH in HGH deficient Children – Expert Opinion

HGH might have some advantages such as increasing lean body mass, improving stamina, cholesterol, bone density etc, but the results tend to tilt towards HGH deficient patients. The anti aging miracle reports in the general population are certainly not true and is misleading to say the least.

The bottom line is that HGH when administered to HGH deficient patients could produce favorable results. Also, it is important to keep the dosage moderate. Excess HGH could actually even shorten lifespan.

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